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Financial Management

The following information is available at a click: price lists, student settlements, receipt issuance, revenues, expenditure accounts and detailed list of debtors

Complete financial management of your educational institution:

  1. Settlements categorization
  2. Creation of a pricelist, including services of the educational institution
  3. Settlements per student
  4. Mass creation of settlement installments
  5. Possibility of discount on total value (percentage-based or per settlement)
  6. Tuition fee card printout
  7. Electronic updates for parents about the financial details of each student
  8. Revenue accounts
  9. Expenditure accounts
  10. Detailed list of debtors
  11. Detailed list of revenue
  12. Categorization of revenue and expenditure
  13. Suppliers archive
  14. Group invoice/receipt issuance
  15. Voucher printouts
  16. Multiple printing templates for vouchers
  17. Online payment of tuition fees by parents and further charges