Detailed characteristics

4Schools provides a modern means for the operation of every educational organisation, and it covers a fascinating range of activities, from tracking student attendance to keeping contact with parents and supporting educator productivity.

Its innovation, simplicity, flexibility and trustworthiness reflect the wide-ranging experience of the team at EPAFOS with computerised systems at educational institutions. We promise that you will love 4Schools right away.

Your secretaries and administrative staff...

will be relieved of their most tiring and time-consuming tasks and will be able to save valuable time because all school data will already be well organised.

Your students...

will have their creativity in the learning process enhanced and will obtain an enhanced educational experience through their direct access to educational materials and to personal educational portfolios and reports.

Your teachers...

will be able to communicate seamlessly with the school and their students, assigning homework, managing data and doing work that once was only possible from within school premises.

The parents...

will be able to get information from their homes or offices about anything relevant to their children’s progress via 4Schools. They can receive all documents, forms and supporting materials regarding the school electronically.

They will be able to consent to their child’s participation in school events or activities and state their preferences regarding any issue from their PC or mobile phone.

Detailed characteristics

Digital Documents

4Schools gives each parent a private space where you can upload pictures, videos and any type of digital document related to their child.

Daily activities notebook

4Schools allows parents to be informed online of their children’s daily activities, no matter where they are.

Syllabus book

4Schools supports the creation of class plans and the electronic listing of syllabus books by the teacher.


4Schools allows parents to schedule their meetings with teachers electronically.


4Schools enables the e-completion of forms and questionnaires created by the educational institution for any member of the 4Schools system (such as parents, students or teachers).


4Schools gives you access to a bank of educational materials, archives, and material available for use with students.


4Schools creates detailed reports for students, staff, financial data and provides data in an export format.

Calendar - Schedule

4Schools can create events and inform parents and students of it, also informing you of the attendees.

SMS and email notifications

4Schools supports SMS and email notifications for groups of parents and students and maintains a complete history of sent files per student.


Parents can access the application and check their on child’s performance, any financial details and announcements and digital material. They can enjoy direct contact with their child’s teachers.

Online tests

Real time e-tests and e-submission at a specific time are available, along with a direct release of the results.

Educational materials

 4Schools offers an educational materials bank, archiving and materials accessibility for students

Students’ projects

4Schools can give project assignments, timetables, supporting materials and online project submission.


Teachers and administrators can enter, monitor and update absences and presences per day, week or month.


You can instantly access grade registration, progress reports, descriptive assessments, conduct records and remarks

Financial Management

The following information is available at a click: price lists, student settlements, receipt issuance, revenues, expenditure accounts and detailed list of debtors


Teachers’ CVs are accessible, as are their access to the application to enter grades or number of absences.

Security & GDPR

The safety of the data stored on the 4Schools system and the compliance of the platform with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are secure.

School buses

4Schools lets you manage bus routes and stops, send updates on bus locations and notify parents of bus arrivals.

People Management

People Management

This area provides detailed data for every student and prospective student, as well as graduates, parents and staff.

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