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4Schools - We have combined the most powerful software available with our unique services in 4Schools to create the best package for your needs.

What is 4schools

4Schools is a specialized application used to manage, organize and promote your educational institution.

Built to respond to the needs of today’s educational institutions, 4Schools simplifies and modernises all schooling functions, reduces costs, offers a different type of educational experience to all the school members and supports strategic initiatives to guide development and value.

4Schools is the innovative, web-based, solutions-focused IT system that your educational institution deserves. With a shared database stored in the cloud and a tailored web application, 4Schools lets you manage your information and share it immediately with everyone who needs it.


4Schools and its outstanding features will make it your ideal choice.

Affordable price

4Schools is available at a uniquely low price, which any educational institution can afford, irrespective of its size.


4Schools meets all of the needs of your educational institution.

Immediate use and utilization

Friendly and flexible 4Schools lets you get started right away without the hassle of adjusting.

Technological supremacy

4Schools was developed using state-of-the-art technology and is based on the most reliable and tested practices.

Suitable for any type of educational institution

4Schools is flexible, parametric and dynamic, and it adjusts to every need.

Direct communication with everyone

Via 4Schools, everyone connected with the educational institution is constantly connected online.

Education has changed in the 21st century

Your school should change as education has changed. Your information and updates should be accessible from everywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year. It should move as fast as your students do.

4Schools modernises your educational institution and establishes interaction and communication among teachers, students and parents. It gives you all tools you need to expand your organisation, obtain new clients and maximise your employees’ commitment. It offers just what you need to improve your efficiency in all aspects of your school and brings your audience a new educational experience.