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Leonteios Patision Photo

EPAFOS/ Leonteios Patision Case Study


Founded in 1924 by the Marist Brothers, Leonteios Patision guides students age 3-18 to acquire a wholesome, comprehensive education and to develop the skills and talents to live meaningful, loving, and responsible lives with others, especially those in need.

What people say about us...

Vasilis Avgerinos

"Ouranio Toxo" Kindergarten School

I have been working with EPAFOS for more than 15 years. 4Schools appeared at the best time to help me make the most out of the potential of the digital era. Keeping parents informed has become much easier, more direct and definitely more modern.

Alexia Nikolopoulou

"Bambineria" Kindergarten

My relationship with technology and computers is not the best. At first, I did have some issues using 4Schools, but thanks to the help of the support group I set up the system and got familiar with it relatively quickly. Now, it is necessary not only for me but also for the parents for our kindergarten, who look daily for pictures on the news of the day section and comments in their child’s syllabus book. The fact that the parents can monitor the school’s activities on a daily basis, at any time and even from their mobile phones, is even more important.

Zarkogianni Paraskevi

"Chionati" Kindergarten

All computer programmes look good at first glance, but then problems always crop up when you start to use them. Our experience has shown that 4Schools is built for people who work in our field. Their technical support is a huge advantage – the telephone centre has no wait times, and the employees are always willing to help me and give me what I need.

Marietta Raskou

"Villa Aimilia" Kindergarten

I started using 4Schools to enhance and modernise my communications with our students’ parents. Although I did put before them all the features of the application, their response in the first months was disappointing. Only 25% used the application. The following year, however, the situation changed radically. Parents started talking about it and understood the variety of options we offered them. Now, 80% of parents log on to our platform daily.

Panteka Chara

"Paideia Plus" Private secondary education coaching school

After we opened our school, we tried hard to find an application that would help us not only in management but also in our communications with our current and prospective clients. Students and parents responded at once. Now, the application is necessary and they all expect to be notified on their mobile phones on a daily. 4Schools has helped us advertise our work and do so easily.

Atreidis Giorgos

"Dyadiko" Private secondary education coaching school

4Schools has helped me make the next step and provide a new dimension for communication and learning in my school. The parents are excited for it, and it has become a necessity for students.