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What we do

EPAFOS provides educational institutions with the software, technical know-how and services required to ensure students’ success and parents’ satisfaction.

4Schools from EPAFOS

4Schools is developed by EPAFOS. Beginning with our founding, we have considered that computer science, telecommunications and other new technologies could be a vehicle for the overall upgrade of the educational process in all its aspects (including teaching, supervisory instruments, educational material and organisation of procedures).

EPAFOS has moved forward on this stable basis and is now the largest company in Greece offering IT solutions specialising in the educational field.


Years of Experience

Experience and technical know-how in education.


Large-scale Projects

Working with governmental ministries of education and educational organisations.


Active Clients

Active Clients of 4Schools.


Stuff Members

Permanent staff specially trained in computer science.

We are constantly passionate about improving education and learning.

Today EPAFOS has 53 permanent executives the majority of which have university-level education in computer science. It has ongoing relationships with more than 8,000 active clients, schools and teachers, and it offers the most innovative IT solutions to support each and every idea and dream.

EPAFOS will guide you through the entire implementation of 4Schools, from research and development to set up and modify the system in accordance with your specialized needs through the data migration, installation and training.

Even after that, we will be always within reach, continually supporting you and working closely with your educational institution to ensure the smooth operation of 4Schools and help you make the most of it. User support is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. (UTC +3 Time Zone).

Our partners provide direct answers to users’ questions, whether they directly concern the operation of the 4Schools software or general issues of implementation of computer science approaches for your educational institution.

Feel free to contact our company

to give you a detailed offer, after first studying your needs and finding the ideal options that suit your educational organization.