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People Management

This area provides detailed data for every student and prospective student, as well as graduates, parents and staff.

The people management function gives detailed data on every student, prospective student, graduate, parent and staff member. At 4Schools core, you can receive a fast and efficient system to maintain, save and manage data and information for everyone in the community of the educational institution.

All data for all students, parents, teachers and staff is accounted for and organised in the system, as well as data on suppliers and partners, and it is found in one location only, without repetition or mistake, and it is constantly available to people who need them.

A complete image of students at your educational institution for each teaching period, regarding the following:

  1. Their personal details
  2. Their parents’ contact numbers and email addresses
  3. Classes they attend and their teachers
  4. Detailed follow-up over the year
  5. Their grades on oral exams, tests and official exams, their absences and their assessment
  6. Comments on their performance as well as general remarks made by teachers
  7. Each student’s timetable with the registered classes for that student
  8. Each student’s picture

You can also enter data for prospective students who have visited your school and expressed their interest to keep them informed on new courses and offers at your educational institution.