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What is 4Schools

The 4Schools platform is an online digital environment that supports all functions of educational institutions of all types. It allows you to have complete control over the work of your institution, covering the overall life cycle of each student and supporting each of your organisation’s activities.

4Schools gives you the chance to

Digitally record all system entities for the educational institution

parents, students, teachers, partners, secretarial staff, administrators, alumni, suppliers and potential clients

Digitally manage all activities and events of the educational institution

curricula, student performance data, daily follow-up and absences, financial data, institutional calendars and schedules of the, educational material repository, parents’ portal, parents’ updates, curriculum design and plan, educational materials (including books, exams, notes and presentations)

4Schools is the system you need to wipe the slate clean, upgrade and keep up with the digital era of education

4Schools supports the administration of your educational institution, its administration and its teachers, providing them the working environment and the tools that can help them respond to the demands of today’s era and improve learning in the most modern and interactive way.

4Schools offers parents and students an environment in which they can build a close and meaningful relationship with the educational institution and meet their expectations for that relationship at the same time.

Why use 4Schools?

After seeing the contemporary technological revolution in their own lives, parents, students, teachers and staff will expect much more from educational institutions in response.

Instead, they either find nothing new, or even worse, they experience a ‘digital decline’, where education institutions appear to use outdated systems that don’t come up to newer, higher expectations.

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4Schools is a complete platform that allows you to adopt a completely new and modern type of operation. It is also an innovative tool for development and profitability, which can help your educational institution become competitive, promote its work and become an active part of the progress of your organization in the digital era of education.