Press Release for the great success of the technology meeting by EPAFOS Park on 19/06/2017

Press Release for the great success of the technology meeting by EPAFOS Park on 19/06/2017

The meeting on Technology in Education was successfully held on Monday, June 19th. More than 100 executives of educational organisations as well as teachers, administrative staff and IT specialists attended the event.

Christos Chaldeopoulos, the Director of EPAFOS, opened the meeting with a welcoming speech and highlighted that after 25 years of constant engagement in the educational field, today is the first time that he believes that technology makes a real change in the form of education. The internet expansion and the development of software and technical intelligence offer a framework in which every school will operate in an extremely different and innovative way.

Then, Iason Pavlopoulos from EPAFOS presented the integrated web 4Schools environment which is suitable for any type of educational organisation and offers a different educational experience to students, parents and teachers. He underlined that in the digital era of education and in the transformation of every educational organisation nowadays, EPAFOS’ IT system is not merely a supportive software helping schools in some of their activities, but an axis for their development and a vehicle for the modernisation and the achievement of their goals. 

Furthermore, Natasa Georgiou from EPSON (Gold sponsor of the event) presented the technology and solutions of the company particularly for education. She mainly pointed out EPSON’s innovative character that keeps on producing pioneering ideas for 50 years. In her presentation, Ms Georgiou focussed on interactive display systems with 3LCD technology and on Ink Tank Systems printers that are economic, environmentally friendly and suitable for unlimited colour printing.

The following and equally interesting presentation made by the consultant Giorgos Leutheriotis concerned the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the particularities of its application in educational organisations. This is an issue that now takes a legal and statutory form and has to be seriously considered by the administration and by teachers of every educational unit irrespective of their type and character. 

The final speech was by Mr. Nikos Armonis who presented many interesting robotic and automatic suggestions for modern schools. More specifically, he mentioned the world of Arduino and Rasberry, the platforms for the development of robotic solutions and applications as well as Fibaro items for a ‘smart’ school.

After the speeches, participants had the chance to take a closer look at solutions presented and discuss with people from EPAFOS other specialised topics of their interest.


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