‘Nea Genia Ziridis’ installed SIMPLE: EPAFOS’ complete IT system

‘Nea Genia Ziridis’, one of the most historical schools of Greece, chose SIMPLE, the complete electronic school environment, and the full computerised services of EPAFOS for supporting all operations of the educational institutions.

The Ziridis’ Educational Organisation completed the eighth decade of successful contribution to children’s multidimensional development. Eighty years of love, commitment and respect towards each child and its personality but also towards its families. Deservedly, it is recognised as a leading educational institution and has been awarded European distinctions (‘Commitment to Excellence’ in 2003 and ‘Commitment to Business Excellence’ in 2007) as well as quality certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

In 2002 the school was relocated to Spata, in the ‘Nea Genia’ (New Generation) School. The new complex includes separate buildings for the kindergarten and the nursery school, the elementary school, the Junior and Senior High School as well as restaurants, canteens, indoor gym and swimming pool, many outdoor sports facilities, art- and computer lab, botanical garden and an animal farm (with tame animals). The modern school was built with the highest quality and aesthetic standards and with environmental consideration in order to offer the most ideal environment to learn and create. It should be noted that the creation of the buildings is based on a philosophy whose centre are children. Their ultimate aim is to encourage children’s creative participation in the learning process and at the same time offer various incentives for research.

The school could not be anything else but a pioneer when it comes to technological and digital advancements. Choosing EPAFOS and SIMPLE can be justified based on the unique benefits offered:

  • A web application for everyone: Students, parents, teachers, secretariat staff, administrative staff and all other parties involved in the school use the same application with a unique system of rights and roles.
  • A common database for all data of the school or the institution without repeating and fragmenting data.
  • Access to the system from any location and any device through any operating system.
  • SIMPLE’s flexibility to communicate with other systems. Many modules have been adjusted to the particularities of the organisation and at the same time, new modules were developed to cover more specific needs of schools.

Of course, EPAFOS’ unique technical know-how and experience in the educational field played a major role while making those choices. EPAFOS has been in the field of IT solutions for educational organisations for 25 years. It has 50 permanent employees whose majority are professionals in the field of Computer Science and has conducted dozens successful installations in the biggest educational institutions of the country.